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I Didn't Know I was Being Chased By a Pro Wrestler

by John Maino

Soooooo....we were talking about pro wrestling the other day after the sudden death of the Ultimate Warrior and I received an email that I played high school football against a former pro wrestler.....check out the roster....number 74 for the Gwinn Modeltowners is the late Mike Shaw....who went on to a pro wrestling career under a variety of names, the most famous...Norman the Lunatic and Bastion Booger. I honestly don't remember if he caught me on this play or not, but I can't imagine it turned out good for me if he did.....very sad to learn that he died a few years ago at just the age of 53... I remember being at football camp with him and just being a really fun guy.....

Mike Shaw in action above in the then WWF (Photo: Public Domain)