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Bookmark in My 39 Year Overdue Book Captures an Era

by John Maino

Sooooooooo I was going through an old box of books that I found in my storage unit, and low and behold one was from my high school days - due May 2nd, 1975..... It will be returned...... and this is what I found that I had been using as a bookmark.

First of all, I don't ever remember collecting ABA cards...  secondly, I have no idea who this guy is.... but thirdly..... you gotta love the way his entire look captures a great era!!!!!!   Love the hair- panked down...the 'stache - I could never grow one like that.... the short shorts - all the better to show off the thighs to the ladies... the high socks - to cover problem calves, and the very hot Adidas sneakers.