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Vacation wrecks you!

by Nikki Montgomery


Vacations are great. You get away from work for a while, spend quality time with the family and maybe even enjoy some time away. All great right? Sleeping in a bed that's not yours though can really wreck you. As comfortable as that hotel bed may claim to be it's not your bed and it's not your pillow. I have a special pillow recommended to me by a chiropractor because it is shaped more ergonomically to support my neck. When I don't have that pillow I sure feel it the next day. Besides that I have a Sleep Number bed and I set it to support my back the way I need it to. When I sleep in a hotel bed I feel that in my hips and lower back. I can usually bounce back after one night in a different bed with a different pillow, but any more than that it's time to call the chiropractor.

Draeger Chiropractic and Laser Center is really good about getting you in if you have to get in on short notice. Never hesitate to call if you just don't feel right. It's so much easier to adjust you if the joints have been bumped out of place for a short time rather than weeks. If you wait too long you may have to schedule multiple visits to get yourself back in alignment.

If you have a trip planned you may want to schedule an appointment for when you get back with one of the doctors at Draeger Chiropractic and Laser Center with offices in Weston and Antigo.

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