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14 Bad Excuses for Not Eating Healthy

by Jess Kelley

"But I Deserve This Chocolate" 

"It's Okay If I Eat It. It's Mainly Vegetables" 

"It's There" 

"Licorice Is Fat Free!" 

"I Have PMS" 

“I Eat A Lot Less Than Some People/My Friends” 

"I'm Addicted To Diet Coke! I Can't Give It Up!" 

“I’ve Ruined It Anyway, So Why Not Go All The Way?” 

"I Ran 3 Miles Today So I Earned This Splurge" 

"Chocolate Is Full Of Antioxidants" 

"I Can't Let It Go To Waste" 

"Guys Will Think I'm One Of Those Girls If I Only Order A Salad" 

"I'm Super Stressed!" 

"Life's Too Short. Eat What You Want!" 


Now if you find yourself saying any of these...then SHAME ON YOU!! (Don't worry I do the same thing...) Next time say...those are just excuses. It's time to eat healthy!