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5 Minute Leg Workout - PERFECT For After Upper Body Weight Workout

by Corey Carter

So if you are ever pressed at the gym for time (which only happens...ALWAYS), try this one out after you do an upper body workout.  You will be sore the next day!!  

1-35 Standing Squats (just put your hands behind your head and dip your butt straight down, be careful that your knees don't extend out past your toes.)

2-35 Lunge Jumps (Go into lunge position, then explode up while switching legs.  Each leg alternating counts as one rep)

3-35 Standing lunges (with hands behind head)

4-35 Jump squats.

Try to do these with as little rest in-between as possible. Should be about 5min long...and your legs will be jelly!  If they are not, then do it twice!!