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Poutine: Yea or Nay

by Jeff Flynt

You may ask yourself...what the hell is poutine??

Poutine is a mixture of French fries, cheese curds and gravy of some sort, but it traditionally is a veloute.

The poutine is native to Canada, particularly the Province of Quebec.

Like any other dish this has spawned many different, sometimes crazy concoctions.

So it is a good idea?

On the surface, I think who was so hung over from a night of drinking to slop together fries, curds and dump gravy on it??

Didn't you do enough damage to yourself with all the gin or vodka swilling, jello shots and the like last night? So they have to compound the issue by swallowing this grease filled bomb.

Speaking of grease, what do you suppose the calorie count for poutine is? I'm sure it's got a comma in it and First Lady Michelle Obama wouldn't recommend it for a school lunch program.

But then you have to ask yourself....why NOT?

French fries are great, cheese curds can be sensuous, and gravy is...well it's GRAVY!

Plus, with all kinds of different combinations from variety, seasoning and cut of fries, to what kind of cheese curds (this is Wisconsin after all) to what sauce you drape over the crunchy bits; it's no wonder people in Canada love this.

And why, in this culinarily adventurous world, is this NOT more featured on American menus. I'm sure Heart Attack Grill could have a field day with this.

So in the grand debate of poutine yes or no, I believe in saying YEA to poutine. Just don't tell your doctor about it.

(Photo by: Jonathunder/Wikipedia Commons).