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Easter Bunny Cake

by Joe Cassady


1 prepared round sponge cake

1 batch prepared icing

1 bag jelly beans

Black licorice

1 large packet desiccated coconut

4 drops green food coloring


  • 1.Cut prepared round cake in half.
  • 2.Place frosting on one half of the cake.
  • 3.Put the two pieces together.
  • 4.Stand flat edge of cake on cake plate, and cut a notch out. This will form the neck of the bunny.
  • 5.Place the cake and frosting that you cut out onto the back of the cake. This forms the bunny tail.
  • 6.Frost the entire cake.
  • 7.Cover the cake with desiccated coconut.
  • 8.Add jelly beans for eyes and nose.
  • 9.Add licorice for whiskers
  • 10.Cut ears out of pink heavy-weight paper and fold in the middle. Push into cake.
  • 11.Take approximately 1 cupful of coconut, and add 4 drops of green food coloring.
  • 12.Mix coconut and green food coloring until the coconut is well covered.
  • 13.Place the green coconut on the plate around the bunny. Add jelly beans to the grass.

Enjoy your Easter Bunny Cake and Happy Easter!

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