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Is it okay to eat late at night?

by Phil O'Reilly

I have always been told you should not eat late at night.  According to Men's Health apparently in some cases it's okay.  Since I live in Cereal City, USA and love cereal, I like that idea.  I'm sure we need to make sure we are staying active though.  

Eating at night doesn't always make you fat. In fact, new research shows there are benefits, including bigger muscles and a faster up metabolism.

1. More Muscle--Scientists found that consuming casein (the dominating protein in milk) after an evening workout and 30 minutes before sleep increased protein synthesis in men. 2. Faster Metabolism--A study found that when fit men eat a 150-calorie nighttime snack consisting of protein or carbohydrates, they have a higher resting metabolic rate in the morning than when they don’t eat anything before bed.

3. Less Hunger--Having a snack before bed can leave you less hungry in the morning and between meals the next day. The type of food didn't matter, but emphasizing protein is smart because it helps you build muscle.

4. Lower Weight--Having cereal can be a great way to end the day. People who ate cereal before bed lost 2 pounds in 4 weeks, while people who didn’t have the cereal  lost about a half pound.