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Cookie Butter! This Stuff ROCKS!

by Corey Carter

My hometown isn't fortunate enough to have a Trader Joe's...and I've never even been to one of them, however, my friend from Indianapolis picked some of this up when he came to visit recently, and my life has never been the same since.
(I might have slightly exaggerated a bit, but this stuff is GOOD!)

Basically, Cookie Butter is similar to Peanut Butter, but it consists of crushed-up cookies instead of peanuts.  The cookies are more of a "gingerbread" variety, but it's not an overwhelming flavor, but it is good.  

I tried this on toast, apples and the rest of it I ate directly out of the jar! (Yes it's that good.)
Due to the fact that the jar only lasted about 4 days in our house (and I didn't give any to our kids) maybe I'm glad there ISN'T a Trader Joe's around here! :)

Plus it is not THAT bad for you...(ya' know, since it is COOKIE butter!)