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You'll never gluten free alone!

by Ken Lanphear

The dating scene has got to be a headache these days!  Relationships are tough, so is keeping fit and healthy for the scene and you do your best to watch your diet and maybe you've gone gluten free, but how do you maintain that in a relationship and will he/she really understand and not kiss me with Twinkie crumbs on their lips.

Well, take a breath!

This week, a new dating website was revealed just for you.

It's called glutenfreesingles.com.

That's right, according to the site, it's the place where you "never have to feel alone, awkward or a burden because you are gluten free".

Now, those who have made the choice to go gluten free in their diet can meet like-minded individuals somewhere other than the four-foot long section of the grocery store containing gluten free food selections.  Not to mention finding the support and sharing ideas for maintaining a gluten free diet in a gluten filled world.

Spread the word.  And, the gluten free peanut butter.