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What Interesting Timing!

by Lori Moore

He was GREAT as Liberace.  Maybe TOO great?  Michael Douglas did a masterful, understated job portraying a character who was flamboyant, gay and over-the-top in the HBO film "Behind the Chandelier".  There were some pretty graphic sex scenes with Matt Damon.

Me thinks Mr. Macho may be having second thoughts about taking on such a role.  Why else would he suddenly feel the need to announce to the world that his throat cancer was caused by --not booze...not drugs...not chain smoking...but by HPV contracted by an ...ahem...a certain sex act with WOMEN?

Remember the good old days when he was hauled off to rehab for SEX ADDICTION?  Forget, Tiger Woods.  Michael Douglas was the first.  I think he wants to remind us that he digs chicks.

Poor Catherine Zeta Jones.  As if she isn't dealing with her own mental health issues.  I'm sure she's thrilled with this revelation from hubby.