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  • Passion plus determination equals...

    Posted by Jason Miller

    Check out this Paralympic commercial.  They are right around the corner and when it starts check back to Wheels in Motion for the link where you can find live coverage of the Paralympics.  Also I will have the schedule of the NBC sports network coverage of the Paralympics as well.  Thanks for visiting Wheels in Motion.

  • National Wheelchair Softball Tournament

    Posted by Jason Miller

    Hey Wheels in Motion fans.  Talked to a lot of you this past week at the 36th National Wheelchair Softball Tournament and thanks for your kind words.  I was playing the mentioned tournament and the team I was playing on was the Minnesota Twins.  We took second to the Nebraska Barrons who have won 7 of 10 National Championship games they have been in.  We saw homeruns, plays at the plate, and some great base running by both teams.  It was a double elemination tournament and my team beat Nebraska to force a second and final game.  It was close through out, both teams would answer but the Barrons at the end of the day had the last answer.  

    It was great though, got to see one of the first international teams, Team Japan and it was great to do a trade with one of the players of our jerseys.  It was tough leaving Chicago only taking second place as it was my last softball tournament.  Ten years playing one of the greatest games I have ever played was just long enough for me. Now I have a new mission...my kids sports and after school starts everyone will be playing football.  My oldest Pop Warner and the twins, flag football.  So thanks to the National Wheelchair Softball Association for keeping such a great game going and if there is anything I can do to help keep it going let me know.  Till the next time I see all the great friends I've made playing this great game of Wheelchair Softball....

    GO QUAD POWER!!!!!!

  • 12 Time medalist at the Paralympics

    Posted by Jason Miller







    Jean Driscoll.  What more needs to be said.  I say not much but let me tell you a little about this great wheelchair athlete.  She is humble.  She is a great athlete.  She is one of the great ambassadors we have for disabled sports.  She is going to be telling her story right here on Wheels in Motion.  I am pleased and humbled to give to you the Great Jean Driscoll.

    Jean Driscoll talks about everything

  • Get use to this

    Posted by Jason Miller

    IPC Launches London 2012 Livestream Trailer:  Oh yeah it's getting closer...can you feel it?  If you can't feel the energy building about the 2012 Paralympics in London then you need to take a nap and try waking up again.  The IPC is offering tons of coverage for the 2012 Paralympics and this video is just a taste of what you will be able to watch.  Not to worry I will post the link so you will always be able to find the live coverage link right here on Wheels in Motion.

  • Thank you BP

    Posted by Jason Miller


    You know sometimes in life you wish that more people would give the spotlight to the Paralympics.  I have to give a HUGE shout out to BP for what they are doing with their commercials and now this video they made with the athletes who just got done competing in London sending shout outs to the Paralympians.  BP Thank you!!  Check out the video by clicking here.  


    Check back later today as I will have the Great Jean Driscoll talking about her life and accomplishments.

  • As the Olympics are wrapping up

    Posted by Jason Miller


    I know it's hard to believe that the Olympics are starting their downhill portion of events but it's true.  Fear not, we have the Paralympics coming up two weeks afterwards.  You may say so what...I say you need to listen to the interviews on this blog.  Then you will be one to say, SWEET.  I am, of course in the camp of SWEET.  So I thought I would start posting a video of some of the sports you can expect to see while the Paralympics are going on.  The first one...Power lifting.  Take a look at this video and you may be surprised at what you will see.  Think you could put that up...yeah ok?!

  • The Inspirational Archer

    Posted by Jason Miller

    matt stutzman USA Paralympian archer


    Like many of you I see commercials on TV and saw the BP commercial with a bunch of Olympic and Paralympic athletes on it.  One guy who caught my eye was Matt Stutzman.  He is known on-line as the Inspirational Archer and let me tell you, if you are not inspired by this guy then you will never be inspired by anyone.  He tells us about his disability, being adopted, hunting and of course being a member of the USA Paralympic Archery team plus much more.  If you want to see Matt shoot check out this video by clicking here.  I don't usually say this because most of the people I interview are my friend but Matt is a guy who I would be honored to call my friend and I think you will feel the same way.  It is with great pleasure I give you Matt Stutzman on Wheels in Motion.  


    archer Matt Stutzman

    The Inspirational Archer

  • Head Coach for the USA Women's wheelchair basketball team

    Posted by Jason Miller

    When your the head coach of team USA anything, it comes with great responsibility.  The women of the 2012 USA wheelchair basketball team have a great coaching staff but it does start with one guy.  Here is part two of the interview with David Kiley.  We talk about the team.  I ask him about getting in a chair to so the girls he still has it.  We talk about the pressures of going for 3 gold medals in a row.  And just for those youngsters out there, the Legend gives some advice on how to become the best.  Thanks again David Kiley for spending time with me on Wheels in Motion.  

    GO USA GO!!!


    Team USA Women's wheelchair basketball coach

  • The Legends story

    Posted by Jason Miller


    You know there are a lot of times when people use the word "legend" and they do it because they feel they should.  Well I have no choice because the man I interviewed for Wheels in Motion is just that.  His name is David Kiley and it was the most interesting, informative and with some emotion sprinkled in for good measure interview I have done on Wheels in Motion.  This is part one of the interview with David Kiley and we are going to find out how he got injured.  How he found the fire for the game of basketball again.  To winning 99 games in a row to one of the darkest days of his life.  I am proud and pleased to give to you David Kiley.

    His roller coaster has been a heck of a ride

  • Time to take pause

    Posted by Jason Miller

    Sports are a way for everyone to escape the trials and tribulations that we face every day.  But when something like we have been learning about happens to people who we don’t even know, we need to understand how trivial sports is.  We are searching for answers and sometimes people will try to draw conclusions and we need to be careful when we allow ourselves to do such a thing.  Right now we have no answers other than 12 people who were trying to watch a movie about a super hero who saves us in the end.  There are dozens of people who were injured trying to do the same.  Movies much like sports is suppose to be a way we escape.  People will try to make sense of it, but sometimes trying to make sense of a senseless act makes us more upset, at least it does me.  I sure do love providing this blog for all of you who take a listen to the interviews I have done.  There was suppose to be an interview today with the great Jean Driscoll, but there is something about the events of today that it didn’t seem like we should celebrate anything.  This is a time where we need to reflect and remember those people in our lives that we love and have friendships with.  Those are the things that matter.  Will we ever know why the shooting in Aurora, CO happened?  I don’t know but there is one thing I do know, we need to pray for those affected by this senseless act of terror and hope and pray that it never happens again.  Until the next interview on Wheels in Motion may there be the ability for those personally affected by this shooting have the strength to move on. 

  • He is the Main Man, NWBA President

    Posted by Jason Miller


    There isn't much to say other than we are going to be talking with the NWBA President, Mr. Randy Schubert.  There is something you will hear me say in the interview...it's that Mr. Schubert is the light at the end of the tunnel.  We need someone to lead wheelchair basketball on all levels and Mr. Schubert from what I heard is ready and willing to do that.  Enjoy meeting NWBA President Mr. Randy Schubert.





    NWBA President Randy Schubert

  • He is Team Leader for USA Women's wheelchair basketball

    Posted by Jason Miller


    You have three kids.  Two of your kids have a disability.  You are married.  You work as a consultant.  You never picture yourself being a trophy guy much less involved with the USA Women's wheelchair basketball team.  But that is exactly what Mr. Jeff Downes has going on.  He will be making sure that the USA Women's W/C BBall team will be taken care of in London at the 2012 Paralymipcs.  But let us not forget about that one day when Mrs. Downes saw the ad in a trophy business that changed the way trophies are made for wheelchair sports...Thanks Mrs. Downes.  Here is the 2nd part of the interview with Mr. Jeff Downes.  

    Thanks again Mr. Downes.

    Trophy Guy to Team Leader