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  • Here are the Junior rankings for the 10' division

    Posted by Jason Miller

    Junior 10' Division Top 32 December Rankings


    1. TIRR Hotwheels

    2. Nebraska Red Dawgs

    3. Courage Rolling Timberwolves

    4. Windy City Warriors

    5. Milwaukee Heat

    6. Peoria Wildcats

    7. Dallas Junior Mavericks

    8. Long Island Junior Lightning

    9. Utah Rec N Crew

    10.BORP Bay Cruisers

    11.Bennett Blazers

    12.Sterling Heights Challengers

    13.Team St. Lukes

    14.Turnstone Flyers

    15.San Diego Hammer

    16.Grand Rapids Jr. Pacers

    17.Seattle Jr. Sonics

    18.Phoenix Banner Wheelchair Suns

    19.Denver Rolling Nuggets

    20.Tulsa Jammers

    21.Jr. Sioux Wheelers

    22.Kansas City Junior Pioneers

    23.Rockford Junior Chariots

    24.Junior Cavaliers

    25.RHI Junior Pacers

    26 Mad City Badgers

    27 Jr. Rolling Gophers A

    28.Oklahoma Blaze

    29.Katies Comets

    30.Junior Wheel Blazers

    31.Michigan Jr. Thunderbirds

    32.Goergia Blaze


    Do you see your favorite Junior team on the list?  Let me know at Wheels in Motion facebook page just follow this link.



  • Nominations are being taken for 2013

    Posted by Jason Miller

    Here is the latest article from the NWBA on the nomination process for the upcoming 2013 Intercollegiate Division Hall of Fame.  Instead of making you go to the NWBA website just look below and the story and links will be there for you thanks to the NWBA. Of course also included are the past inducties.  

    Deadline: Midnight, December 31, 2012

    A nominating form for players and a nominating form for coaches and administrators can be obtained on the NWBA website.  Click for nomination forms and criteria information.

    Please type in the information, save the completed form and attach the completed form to an email addressed to Bob Szyman, Chairperson, NWBA Intercollegiate Division Hall of Fame Committee.bob11155@comcast.net


    Current NWBA Intercollegiate Division Hall of Fame Members



    Dick Christianson

    Southwest State University, Minnesota



    Brad Hedrick

    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



    Stan Labanowich*

    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



    Timothy J. Nugent

    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    Coach, Administrator


    Lew Shaver

    Southwest State University, Minnesota



    Bob Trotter

    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign




    Frank Brasile

    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    University of Nebraska - Omaha

    Coach, Administrator



    John Truesdale

    University of Wisconsin - Whitewater




    Frank T. Burns

    University of Wisconsin - Whitewater



    George "Willie" Gayle

    Wright State University, Ohio




    Mark Mortensen

    Southwest State University, Minnesota




    Jim Hayes*

    University of Texas - Arlington



    Paul Schulte

    University of Texas- Arlington






  • College rankings for Wheelchair Basketball

    Posted by Jason Miller

    Here are the latest rankings in the Collegiate division of Wheelchair basketball:


    Intercollegiate Division Standings (Men)                        Conference    Overall

    University of Texas- Arlington                                      5-0            13-2

    University of Illinois                                                    5-1           8-2

    University of Missouri                                                  3-2           12-3

    University of Wisconsin- Whitewater                              2-3           2-3

    Edinboro University                                                     1-4           3-8

    SW Minnesota State                                                    1-6           8-9

    University Alabama                                                     0-0 8-0

    Auburn University                                                       0-0            1-9


    Intercollegiate Division Standings(Women) Conference     Overall

    University of Wisconsin- Whitewater                     1-0                3-0

    University of Illinois                                                     0-1               4-3

    University of Alabama                                                  0-0               8-2

    Edinboro University                                                      0-0               0-0

  • Coach Price talks about the tournament

    Posted by Jason Miller


    Coach Dan Price joined me to talk about the UW Whitewater tournament from last weekend.  Lets hear what he had to say!

    UW Whitewater women's head coach Dan Price

  • Coach Lew Shaver from the college tournament

    Posted by Jason Miller


    Lets hear what Lew has to say about his team's performance at the UW Whitewater collegiate tournament.  

    Thanks Lew!

    SMSU Wheelchair basketball head coach

  • Missouri Wheelchair basketball

    Posted by Jason Miller

    Calm on the court, plus, relaxed during an interview and you know what you get?  Number 44 from the University of Missouri, Connor Downes.  Afer the mic was off I remembered to ask him the one question I really wanted to ask him...If you make the U23 team how will you like it having your dad right there by your side, being the Team Leader?  He answered pretty simply by saying...I know with him as team leader the trip will be flawless.

    I am proud of this young man and greatful to call him my friend.  Please enjoy my interview with Missouri Wheelchair Baskerball player, Connor Downes.

    Connor Downes, no there's a guy on a mission

  • These guys are just GREAT and going for two

    Posted by Jason Miller

    Two guys who have been great contributors to Wheels in Motion, Nick Taylor and David Wagner embark on a journey at the Doubles Masters World Championships in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Nick and David are going for back to back doubles championships.  You can check out this link for more details on the tournament as a whole and also follow Wags and Nick.  Lets all send them good vibes and of course good luck guys sure are cheering for you.