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  • My New Conquest: Coyote Hunting

    Posted by Jason Hillery

    I've never hunted coyotes before, but this is the year I start. I went out and got my license, a digital call, and a critter... and I'm pumped about the idea of bagging me a yote.

    I've been seeing coyotes near my deer stands a lot this season, so I know it's time to start getting rid of them. I've been watching some of the videos on YouTube and I think I'm gonna be hooked!

    If you've got any tips for must-have gear I'll need to get started, please let me know. I want to do it right from the get-go.

  • I Would Soil Myself...

    Posted by Jason Hillery

    I saw this picture and had to share... I showed it to some people and they didn't seem to notice what made this picture so crazy, other than the size of the antlers. Hopefully you do :)

    I wonder what the outcome was? Did he take two animals to the taxidermist? Or did he scream and run... lol

  • I'm Wondering If It's True

    Posted by Jason Hillery

    I'm wondering if it's true...

    I read an article that said, in a nut shell, the more does you take off of your property, the more bucks you'll see.

    Logical thinking would tell you that when the rut comes around, you're gonna need some does in the area. Otherwise it's the deer equivalent of a 'sausage party'.

    But... here's what makes me wonder if it's true: Last year, we took 7 does off of our property, between bow and gun, and this year I've seen more bucks than ever before. I've already seen 6 diffrent bucks on one stand during the daylight hours. My friends have seen another 3 or 4 different bucks on top of the ones I've seen.

    Is there truth to it? Or is it coincidence?

  • My Dream Buck... Is Going Up On The Wall!

    Posted by Jason Hillery

    I finally got a big buck with the bow... and he's a dandy 12-pointer.

    There is 3 years of history with this buck. My hunting property is out in the Rio Creek area and 3 different people have missed this buck in the area... including me, last year.

    The guys that hunt the woods across the road from me actually hit him with an arrow 3 years ago, but it was a leg shot. I hit him last year, but he ducked and I only took a piece of hide off of his back. Another guy hit him, but only succeeded in taking half of his tail. Like I said, lots of history :)

    I got the big boy this past Sunday. Everything was in my favor. The area had been wet and windy as hell for 3 days prior. Sunday night was mid-50's, calm wind out of the north, and it was finally a clear evening. I heard him cracking twigs and stomping through the swamp at about 6:20. 

    The buck came in from behind me, which was unusual, but because he came from behind, I had the opportunity to stay more hidden. Once he got beside me, I knew it was going to be lights-out. Once he was past my tree, he was too close for me to draw the bow, so i waited for him to get 25 yards out and took the shot. I heard the arrow thump, then he went about 30 yards and crashed into a big patch of swamp grass. I didn't see him come out, but I heard him take his last breaths and knew I had him. I waited for 45 minutes, then my pals and I went in and dragged him out.

    I'm looking for a top notch taxidermist to mount him, so if you have any suggestions, let me know.


    Here are some pics of the beast:

  • The Countdown to Bow Season... 12 days

    Posted by Jason Hillery

    Every September I start to get the itch. My stands are in the best possible spots, my gear is scent-free and hanging outside on the line, and my bow is sighted in. Now... I wait.

    Deer archery season opens on the 18th!

    I went out to get my license and tags over the weekend and found out that my zone (80B) is eligible for extra tags for $2 each. I bought a couple, although I know I'll never use them during bow season. I have one thing on my mind... the two ten-pointers I have on camera. Here's one of the big boys:

    I'm doing this Sportsman Blog for two reasons:

    1. I love to hunt and I love to get, and pass-on, new hunting information. Anything I come across that can give you an edge, I'll share it. I hope you do the same.

    2. Pictures. Nothing is better than seeing pictures of a successfull hunt, or that big buck you have on a trail cam. Please share them. We're going to have an entire section dedicated to your pictures.

    You can share anythime, just send your pictures / tips / articles to jason.hillery@93rockon.com