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  • A Big Buck Goes Swimming?

    Posted by Jason Hillery

    A guy was duck hunting when this beast walked to shore and right out into the decoys.


  • Tips on working deer in the rut

    Posted by Jason Hillery

    Rod White is one guy I take a lot of tips from... not only is he an olympic archer, he's also amazing at communicating with deer with calls...

  • How to configure the date of the DEER RUT...

    Posted by Jason Hillery

    A friend of mine saw 3 bucks in a field together a few days ago down by Beaver Dam, while one of my hunting buddies watched a 6-pointer get chased off by a 10. Obviously the rut happens at different times all over the state, but I've been using a fairly simple method to get an approximate date for the rut... and it seems to be right on every year.

    The formula is this: the rut begins on the 3 to 4 days surrounding the second full moon after the autumnal equinox.

    The equinox was Sept. 23rd. The second full moon after Sept. 23rd will hit the sky on Nov. 21st... which puts the rut on opening weekend :)

    From what I've been seeing on my property, we're definitely in late pre-rut and I'm guessing I'll be seeing some 'chasing' when I'm on stand this weekend.

    I'm seeing lots of fresh rubs and scrapes, but the grunt and bleat calls haven't worked at all in the past few days. One of my buddies tried some scent on Monday and once the does caught a whiff of it, they bolted.

    Bottom line... it's close! This is the most exciting time of the year. Get out and enjoy it!

    If you want to submit your formulas for determining the rut, post it in the comments below, or email it to me: jason.hillery@93rockon.com


  • Sportsmen: Meet DNR Mike

    Posted by Jason Hillery

    Mike Neal is going to be contributing to our Sportsman's Blog. He is a DNR Warden in Northeast Wisconsin and he will be sharing his knowledge, and giving us updates from the DNR. If you have some questions for Mike, please comment below the story and he'll get you a response.

    My name is Mike Neal and I am a DNR Warden in Northeast Wisconsin and spend most of my time working on Green Bay and Lake Michigan. In addition to the duties of working along the water I also work the “traditional” items that other Field Wardens work across the state. Recently I was asked to help provide some insight and maybe even some funny stories about items that we see and that may affect everyone as sportsman. If anyone has a question that they would like to get some clarification on please send a request back so we can answer the most common questions that are being asked. I understand that contact with the DNR is getting more difficult with Service Centers Closing due to budgets, but we are still trying to accommodate customer service with everyone.

    Every year thousands of individuals venture into the woods to participate in the gun deer season. The number one violation that Wardens encounter each year is hunting over illegally placed baits. Most of the time it is either a bait that is over the two gallon limit or hunting over a bait in a county where baiting is prohibited.

    The biggest item that the DNR wants everyone to focus on is the safety of the hunt. Hunters need to remember the basic rules of firearm safety. Always treat every firearm as if it were loaded, know the target and what is beyond, always control the muzzle of the firearm, and only put your finger on the trigger when you are ready to shoot.

  • Cross Country Runner vs. Deer

    Posted by Jason Hillery

    I saw this story in the Post Crescent and had to share it:

    A cross country track star at Hortonville High School in Wisconsin was running to qualify for the state meet and got hit by a deer.
    The girl was almost done with her race when, out of nowhere, a deer came bolting out of the woods and hit her.
    She wasn’t injured and finished the race. She didn’t qualify for the state meet. Apparently, the deer collision slowed her down.
    She says the whole thing was kind of funny and weird at the same time.  Her friends are joking that she should wear blaze orange while running.