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  • Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Larry The Cable Guy in Green Bay!

    Posted by Jason Hillery

    I know deer hunting season is over, but don't put your camo away just yet... 93Rock welcomes a crew of "blue collar" comedy legends to Green Bay:

    Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Larry the Cable Guy are coming to Resch Center on February 24.

    Buy tickets rght HERE

    It’ll be a night of laugh out loud comedy! Listen to win tickets from 93Rock!

    Find out more about the show right HERE

  • One Word... DAMN!!!

    Posted by Jason Hillery

    I got this email today from rocker Ed up in Chilton:


    Jason, I am attaching a pic that was taken on Nov. 5th at 10:10 am. I had hunted all day the entire week, and having awesome rut activity. I passed several small bucks and saw 3 shooters, and having a big 9 point at 20 yards on Friday the 4th. He didn't give me the right shot. On Saturday the 5th, I hunted until approx 9:40 am, but had to come home for a family thing. I did what I needed to do, and was back in my stand at noon. Between 9:40 am and 10:10 am, this is what passed my stand broadside at approx 15 yards. This camera is 20 yards from the stand that I was in that morning.

    Ed Polzin, Chilton, Wi


  • Here comes the rut!

    Posted by Jason Hillery

    I have always been a big believer in hunting the moon phases... especially when it comes to determining the rut.

    This year, the "Rutting Moon" occurs on Nov. 10th, which is next week already. This may be a good week to take some vacation time and spend a few days in your stand...

    and that means ALL day.

    I can't tell you how many times I've seen great bucks walking around during the day looking for a doe to spend the afternoon with. They're like rabbits :) Next week will be a good time to be IN the woods and ready.

    Over the past week, I've seen an increase in buck response to simple tending grunts.

    For the next week, I'd stick to grunt calls, rattling, and possibly a decoy. I've never had much luck with decoys, but several friends SWEAR by them. I'd wait at least another week before using estrous. I've had my heart broken a couple of times when I've tried to use it too early.

    Hopefully we get a nice cold snap next week to coincide with your days off :)

    Get our there and enjoy the outdoors!

    If you've got some tips or hunting advice you'd like to share, please don't hesitate to take part. Email me at jason.hillery@93rockon.com

  • Calico Buck!!

    Posted by Mike Krause

    This monster was harvested here in wisconsin. This buck called a "Calico Buck" is even more rare than an albino deer.Calico BuckCalico BuckCalico Buck

  • The Hidden Gem!!

    Posted by Mike Krause

    Here's a nice Musky caught on Green Bay. Many people don't realize Green Bay is very great place to fish these monsters. This fish was in the 50 plus range just over 45lbs.MuskyMusky

  • It's finally here!

    Posted by Mike Krause

    Well the time has come.  BOWHUNTING!!  I have been hitting the woods with my bow every year since 1987.  I can say there's no better time for me.  Just sitting in your stand hearing all those sounds you know the one's,geese honking as they fly overhead,blue jays cackling all around,maybe squirrels snapping branches as they chase each other around.  And why do we do this?  Because we all want that opportunity to shoot that big buck.  I have harvested over 20 whitetails in my hunting career and each and every one of them have a story.  To me bowhunting is truely a passion,no cell phones,no TV,no computers, and no distractions just me and the woods.  I cherish every opportunity I get to take a stand.  So to all my fellow hunters out there best of luck.  And like my best friend Brian used to say "be safe,shoot straight"


    Few tips to remember:

    Safety Harness- use it don't make a great hunt be your last

    Practice shooting- get all the kinks out before you hunt

    Take good shots- you as a hunter owe it to the deer

    Climbers- if you use one not a bad idea to practice climbing it before that first morning hunt

    Lastly Have Fun!!!

    Anybody get some nice photos during the season email them to me at we'll post them on our Blog mike.krause@93rockon.com


  • Hope he makes it thru the season...

    Posted by Jason Hillery

    I grabbed the SD Card of one of my trail cams last week and saw a young buck that I hope makes it through the season. If he does, he may eventually be a shooter.

    I don't know about you, but I've got guys that hunt in areas near our property and I think they live by the old "if it's brown, it's down" philosophy. These are same guys that piss and moan about not ever getting big bucks. Well, duh.

    I like seeing small bucks on camera because I know I've got some potential trophies for years to come... I just have to let them walk by... a lot :)

    If you want to shoot bigger bucks, you have to be strategic and start treating your hunt like a sport, not a slaughter:

    1. Practice quality deer management. It's never too late to start. Don't take the 4's and 6's. Let them grow up to be 8's and 10's. That may mean you won't harvest a buck this year. So be it. It's worth it.

    2. Hunt with fewer guys. The more people you have hunting a 40, the worse you're outcome will be. We only hunt one person per 40 during gun season. During bow season, it's closer to one hunter per 80.

    3. Avoid doing massive drives. If you've got 15 guys out driving woods, don't expect to keep the herd in your area thick. It's during drives that a lot of young deer get harvested.

    4. Be patient and figure out what works. Study your hunting area consistently throughout the year. Put some cameras around the property. Try a food plot. Try creating a water source. Try something new. You never know what may bring in the big boys in your area.

    Happy hunting! We're only a few weeks away from the start of bow season!


  • getting ready!!

    Posted by Mike Krause

    DeerDeerDeerCouple of photos taken in Marinette County. Not even a mile away from where I hunt...Lets hope they venture abit.Deer

  • A suprise walks in at :12

    Posted by Jason Hillery

    If you've got videos or pictures from your trail-cams that you can share, send them over and we'll post them: jason.hillery@93rockon.com

    Check this one out... a nice buck is standing in front of the camera, then a suprise walks in at :12 into the video.