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  • Application approved?

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    Who knew it was so easy to acquire a 007 License to Kill?  Thanks to Amber from 93 Rock for calling in a favor.  I especially appreciate that it gives me options:

  • Everyone that we know is just givin' out candy?!

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    Jerry Seinfeld never disappoints.  Our planet is a sit-com snow globe, but few have ever been able to observe it, relay it, and make us all realize it like Jerry Seinfeld.  This is one of my all-time favorite bits of his..."I can wear that:"


  • Ich bin Deutschlander

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    Pictures continue to pour in from Germany from Maino's visit.  I told ya I was huge over there:

  • What the what?

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    Our man Royce shot over this photo from his man Doug's deer cam.  What the heck is goin' on here?

  • Let’s Ram it!

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    I’m not as worried about this weekend’s game against the Rams as I thought I would be by week’s end.  Now, on the road, against a tough D (especially pass D) could prove a difficult contest if the Pack doesn’t get out of the blocks with some momentum.  They need to find the end zone in the red zone and they can’t allow a fluky-type deal like a punt return TD or a fumble recovery for 6 or something like that.  If they can stay within the simplistic framework of take what the opposition gives you and don’t try to do too much (as they did in Houston), the opportunity to control the clock should be there for them.  It may not result in a blowout victory on the scoreboard, but I think we emerge victorious in comfortable fashion. 

    Of course, I’m not factoring in the unbridled camaraderie of the Rams’ locker room.  These dudes are a tight-knit group:

    Yeah, that really happened.  And just in case you, like Z, question the authenticity of their participation, check out he behind the scenes footage:


  • Guten tag, fraulien

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    One of the benefits of the online streamer is the ability to connect with folks worldwide.  Maino ran into this random German chick yesterday, and evidently she is my biggest fan.  Heads-up, Hasselhoff, you’re not the only thing tearin’ up Deutschland:

  • Unsportsmanlike on steroids

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    Remember the back punchin’, ribs kneein’, hard slidin’, face clawin’, pony tail yankin’ Elizabeth Lambert?

    Well move over bacon, here comes Petiola Manu of Salt Lake City (Utah) East High:

    Freaking incredible.   What is it with soccer that brings out the crazy in chicks?  

  • Hash browns or home fries?

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    The timing of this Visa ad could not be more ideal, considering where we presently find ourselves with our beloved Green Bay Packers.

    One down, one up, one down, one up, one down, one up – it’s the very definition of inconsistent. But how dare we question what might be wrong with the 2012 Green Bay Packers!  How dare we inquire into their irregularity!  How dare we voice concern over an offense that was unstoppable from December 2010 through December 2011, but prior to Sunday had proven as uneven as the team’s standing!  How dare we point out that the quotes from the locker room sounded of a team divided, of a team in turmoil, of a group of 53 individuals not a collective one!  How dare we!  After all, the Pack just trounced the previously unbeaten Houston Texans on Sunday night football. 


    I believe this team far more Sunday night than 2nd half at Indy.  I believe that things are getting better, that adjustments are being made, that there is growth.  I know it’s not too late.  I am certain that answering the same questions from us, from the opposition’s media, and from the analysts is exhausting each week.  But there’s an easy fix to that – build this one into two, two into three, three into four.  Stack successes.  Axe the contradictions.  And lose the smugness until you do.  At present, you’re a 3-3 team without the benefit of a winning streak longer than 1.

    You tirelessly strive for perfection.  The media, the fans, we simply watchdog the progress.  Don’t hold that against us.  We’re all on the same team.  Of course, there’s always this option, too: 

  • Deer crossing confusion

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    This little somethin’ is making the rounds all over my e-mail inbox right now.  It’s fantastic, but there’s no way it’s real…sort of.  Now, I don’t think for a second that this is a contrived show bit.  I find the reactions of the hosts very genuine.  I place the forgery squarely on the head of the caller.  At first I wasn’t sure, but the more she pressed on and the more I have listened to this, the less believable this chick has become to me.  I feel like I can hear her smirking through the telephone line.  Judge for yourself:

  • European beaches welcome John Maino

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    Maino is heading to Europe next week.  Big thanks to Southern Comfort for supplying us with a foreshadowing of his leisure activities:

    I had yet to see that commercial until Bernie brought it to my attention on today's show. I can’t get enough of it, not just because of the dude’s uncanny resemblance to Maino, but because we’ve all experienced that guy at the beach.

    Thanks for the heads-up, Bernie.

  • Caption it

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    A pair of tickets to the Bucks at the Resch is on the line.  Caption this photo of me in the newest offering from Martin Hardware - the Packers sleeping bag!

  • Ch ch ch ch changes

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    If we can get the call right, then why wouldn’t we?  We have the technology.     

    I used to be an immovable advocate for instant replay.  It’s the right thing to do.  It’s silly to trust the game to humans who make mistakes, who have emotions, who are vulnerable to the reactions of the crowd and the words of the head coaches.  Replay is not an indictment of the human element.  These guys do a great job.  Generally speaking, they are perfect.  Replay is simply an insurance policy against human error.

    It looks great on paper, but so does my high school batting average.  I’m not a professional baseball player, and I’m done with instant replay.

    In an effort to bleach the sometimes murky waters of the game, we’ve succeeded in little other than killing off its ecosystem.  I barely even know what is challengeable anymore.  And once the challenge (or scoring review) is underway, then the circus really begins.

    I don’t have the numbers, but I’d venture to say that about 50% of the replay challenges return with the following verdict: “The ruling on the field stands.”  Translation: we don’t have indisputable video evidence, so we’ll just go with what we called.  All right, then.  Solid waste of time.  If video can’t confirm one way or the other, and we’re ultimately going with what the official saw, because something obstructs the camera’s view or because the right angle doesn’t exist, then just go with the guy on the on the field…period.  It’s pathetic that we are slowing down live action to a frame-by-frame analysis to determine if a ball is moving or if a guy’s knee brushes the top of the field surface, and we still cannot be certain of what we see or don’t see.

    And then there are the times when it appears the evidence is indisputable…and the call still comes back WRONG!  In three reviews, spanning two ballgames, the Packers have been twice burned by a replay that to (almost) all shows one thing, but the ruling comes back the other.

    But my favorite is the “not challengeable” call from the field.  I thought the point of replay was to get it right.  So, we could right this wrong, but under league rules, that play can’t be reviewed.  Or…it could have been reviewed, but the ruling on the field negated the ability for the play to be reviewed.  Or…that’s definitely reviewable, but the coach (who earlier lost a controversial challenge ruling) is out of challenges. 


    Sometimes right, sometimes wrong, often not conclusive, and other times not useable, instant replay is proving itself no better than the human eye. 

    Get rid of it.