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    Alicia Sacramone

    This is Alicia Sacramone, the USA gymnast who’s claiming to be Cleveland Browns QB Brady Quinn’s latest arm candy:

    USA Gymnastics: I hear you’ve been attending a lot of Cleveland Browns football games lately. Can you talk about that?

    Alicia: Yes, I have become a football fan. I was always a football fan but never into it too much until now. I’m dating Brady Quinn (the quarterback for Cleveland) so I travel to Cleveland on Sunday afternoons for home games.

    USA Gymnastics: Has Brady visited you at the gym?

    Alicia: No, but he said he’s excited to come to a gymnastics meet.

    USA Gymnastics: How did you two meet?

    Alicia: We met at a charity event through a mutual friend.

    On today’s show I stated that she biffed the USA’s gold medal chances on the floor exercise. Not entirely true. Her spill on the floor was only the half of it. I forgot about her failed attempt to mount the beam:

    I wish Brady and Alicia (Bralicia?) the best of luck in their relationship. Don’t know if it’ll work out, but hey, at least there won’t be any fights over who’s the better clutch performer – their resumes are equally unimpressive.



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    Devin Hester de-pants

    I can’t believe I missed this. I’m even more astounded that both Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth missed this. Or maybe they didn’t and the SNF producer gave the old ixnay in the earay.

    “Hey fellas…let’s pretenday that didn’t just happenay. Okayay?”

    I’m not very good with the pig Latin, but I know good video when I see it. That is funnay!

    WARNING: If a man’s bare rear end offends you, don’t play the video.  Although I suppose I should have placed this warning at the beginning, as you've undoubtedly already glanced at the still.  Sorry about that. 


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    Milwaukee Bucks Logo


    When it comes to draft picks, it’s generally a wait and see proposition with any pro outlet – the hurdles to success and stardom too numerous to mention. There are always exceptions – dudes for whom, for whatever reason, the game just clicks…right out of the gates. Dudes worthy of the tag “game changer.” Dudes for whom the opposition game plans and still can’t encumber. Dudes, alone, who are worth the price of admission.

    Dudes like Brandon Jennings: