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  • Caption Needed

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    From the Wauwatosa News Times - May 4, 1995:

    Yeah that’s me.

    We’ve deleted the caption. Insert yours in the “comments” section below. Best caption, as determined by our panel (Maino, webman Feldy, and me), wins a major award. Please be kind.

  • Let’s Be Clear

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

    All right. There is a lot of misconception floating around out there regarding the Maino and Nick cheerleading squad.

    We are not seeking out the photos of present-day high school cheerleaders!

    You all should be ashamed of yourselves for suggesting this innocent endeavor an eventual Dateline documentary.

    The cheerleading squad is merely one facet of the grand goal: the opening of the Maino and Nick Virtual High School.

    Send us your photos from high school and we will sort them into their respective groups, ultimately (and hopefully) creating an online yearbook for everyone to peruse. If you played football…send us a photo. If you ran track…send us a photo. If you were on poms…send us a photo. Please e-mail the shots. Do not send actual photographs. And youngsters out there in listener land, you must be 21 or turning 21 in this calendar year to submit a photo.

    Maino and Nick Virtual High School…opening soon!

    Everybody good now?

  • The Lone Cheerleader

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    New part-time staffer, and occasional contributor to the show, Tracey (who makes a dynamite Chai Tea), has come through with a photo of her high school cheerleading days, breaking the ice on our quest to compile the ultimate Maino and Nick cheerleading squad.

    Presently, we are less a squad than a mere troop of one, but it is out hope that Tracey, who brings an impressive resume from her days at Franklin High – Go Sabres! – will spur the other members of her ilk to step forward.

    The call is out, oh ladies (and gentlemen) of the spirit stick. Without you, how can we be expected to T-R-U-C-K all the way?

  • Kenny Scolding

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

    My father sent his annual “done with the Brewers” e-mail last night:

    BOYS, YUP, I"M OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! They Suck again - and again and again!!!


    It came a little earlier than usual this year, but I can’t say that I fault him for leaping on April 14th. This is a man who bleeds baseball, and unfortunately bleeds True Blue Brew Crew. He’s lived through more crap ball years in his home town than I have flat-out lived. After a while, it becomes a matter of self-preservation. If he doesn’t harden himself to the team, they’ll destroy yet another summer. And as a teacher, my dad treasures his summers.

    Ironically, it was this same man who taught me the importance…the necessity…of patience in baseball. Between the lines or between the armrests, baseball demands the most even of temperaments between the ears for 162 games. It is indeed a marathon.

    We talk of 1982 as though the Crew rolled through the American League like nothin’ en route to the franchise’s lone World Series appearance. We forget that our significance hinged on the outcome of game…yep…162. The same holds true for our 2008 club. It took ‘em all to sew up a post-season berth.

    Still, just 8 games into 2010, I’m looking around the bus and it’s pretty unsightly. As usual, it seems that father knows best.


  • Idol Mystery

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    Andrew and Katie tallied the fewest number of votes, but who else was in the bottom three? Despite being one of the final two standing center stage, Seacrest revealed that Big Mike was not in the weakest trio. My money is on Aaron. Zee…he likes Alex. Yeah, it didn’t make any sense to me either.

  • Nice Game, Hawkins

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    The worst part about losing a day game is the resulting forced re-visitation for the remainder of the 24 hour cycle. At least with a 7:05 start a guy can drag his chapped a*s right to bed. But when you eat it by 4:30 in the afternoon, the misery is renewed locally at 5, 6, 9, and 10…and nationally at seemingly every moment.

    This is gonna be a long night - that stupid “Go Cubs Go” song whirling around in my head.

  • Nine...Again

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    Number 9 - Creative Commons

    The judges rescued Big Mike last week.  Will America do the same this week?  The judges save is dried up, so as sure as the sun rises in the east…two go home tonight:  

  • Jason's Snake

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    Jason from Kroll's West stopped in for his weekly food drop today, and dropped somethin' else on us.  Check out the snake he photographed at his house in Ledgeview.  Yowza!

    Time to move, J-dog.

  • No Excuses

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

    Blah Blah

    I think it’s the toughest job in sports.  When summoned, the game is perilously close.  You are charged with being perfect, for one mistake could mean the difference between victory and defeat.  Your opponent knows it.  He’s got the luxury of failure on his side.  He’s not supposed to win the battle.  You are.  Should he prevail, he will be lauded.  You?  You just did what you were supposed to do – got in, got out, got happy. 

    You are a closer in the MLB.  You are Trevor Hoffman.  And after six games, you are suckin’.

    It’s early.  Yeah, I know.  But let’s look at the facts:

    • Our 42 year old closer has given up almost as many home runs as he has innings pitched.  Teams aren’t manufacturing runs against him.  They’re taking them tape measure style.
    • When he’s not servin’ it up, he’s allowing base runners at a clip of 1+ per inning (factoring in the bombs, his WHIP is a swollen 2.0).
    • Hoffman has blown half of his opportunities in 2010, and his shattered outings have the unfortunate reputation of being his most recent.  

    Trevor Hoffman is the greatest of all-time at his craft. But let’s be honest with ourselves – Trevor Hoffman is well into his final tour of duty. Again, I know it’s early. There is plenty of time for him to get it together. Let’s hope he does. In the meantime, tell me you won’t be a little concerned the next time the bullpen gate opens and #51 emerges.

    When that’s what you do…and the only thing you do…you’ve got to get it done.

  • Perspective

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    I wish Time Warner Cable would pick up the NFL Network. It’s not my favorite of the specialized sporting outlets. In fact, for the dominance that the league displays over every other, I expect a little more from its exclusive television offering.

    But the NFL Network has Rich Eisen. I have a total man crush on Rich Eisen.

    I’ve always found Eisen to be one of the most engaging personalities in the business - always prepared, always professional, and always self-deprecating. In the simplest of terms, Eisen “gets it.” He’s managed well the balance between him and the story. He’s an entertainer with substance – a true rarity.

    Here’s Eisen at the combine this year, sacrificing his pride for the sake of his craft. The next time you’re watching a game and your guy gets torched for six, and you remark to your buddies, “He is the slowest man alive,” think back to this brilliant piece of perspective:

  • Judges Summon the Save

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    And Z was worried about my hand gestures yesterday? America finally rejected the pompatude of Big Mike. The faces…the noises…the demonstrations…the muscles – the whole lot. See ya, Mike.

    And then the judges stepped in and saved his overrated rear end.

    Big Mike can sing. He’s certainly not the worst of this lot. But the save achieves nothing, save (no pun intended) to prolong the inevitable. Big Mike will not win. I can only hope that he is one of two to go home next week.

  • Idol Gets Street Cred

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

    I didn’t know the whole “West Side” hand gesture – with the index and pinkie fingers extended…the middle and ring fingers crossed…the thumb tucked under – was so off limits. But it’s got Z spooked!