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  • Worry about yourself!

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    Armed with an independent spirit and wisdom beyond her few years, this little girl offers up a sound piece of advise… 

  • Mt. Rushmore

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    He is most recognized as the guy who worked alongside John Madden for 20+ years in the NFL broadcast booth, but Pat Summerall was arguably the most versatile and talented broadcaster of our time or any time.  A broadcaster in the truest sense of the word, it didn’t matter the sport – golf, tennis, basketball, football – Summerall narrated with a perfect balance of eye and ear, his voice as recognizable as any the craft has ever known.  He is most certainly one of sports broadcasting’s Mt.Rushmore identities.  Though his relevance has not been felt for some time, the influence of his work should always be celebrated. 

    It’s been bitter sweet to re-live the audio and video clips of his work over the years, and though I have always regarded him as one of the greats, I forgot how good he was, and especially how good he and Madden were as a team:


  • The moment you realize you have a problem

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    Now that spring has arrived…sort of…my family is in the full-on summer vacation planning stage.  With a little one now in tow, things are a bit more complicated than they used to be.  Beaches, bars, and bucket list destinations have been replaced by aspirations of Door County and water parks.  It’s not bad – I cannot wait to see the smile on my daughter’s face - it’s just different.

    My wife and I traveled quite a bit after we were first married, by design.  We did Hawai’i (twice), Mexico, Vegas, San Diego, San Antonio, Sarasota…incredible times and irreplaceable memories.  We did quite a bit of theme parking as well, hitting up Sea World a couple of times, but never saw anything like this. 

    At what point do you think the Sea World trainer realized she was in trouble?

  • One of SNL’s best ever

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    For the most part, I think SNL is pretty weak right now.  It used to be that you could at least count on the cast to get you through Weekend Update, but lately, even their opens lack consistency.   But this past weekend’s skit with Melissa McCarthy as controversial basketball coach Sheila Kelly might be one of the best of all time.

    WARNING: There is edited language displayed in text form.


  • Mike McCarthy's Photo Studio

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    When he's not coaching the Green Bay Packers, Mike McCarthy is busy capturing life's unforgettable moments...right when they happen.  That's not a bad slogan, actually.  The Mike McCarthy Photo Studio - "Capturing life's unforgettable moments...right when they happen."  It's not a real studio, but perhaps it should be.  At the very least, Coach McCarthy should consider, for he's one-for-one in the snapshot department.

    A Milwaukee couple was vacationing recently when they can into the H.C. of the Pack, but what transpired was likely more surprising to him than them.  HERE is the link to the story and the slideshow of images.  Nice work, Coach!

  • Just playing through

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    Ever since "Back to the Future Part II," I have been waiting for the Hover Board to, no pun intended, take off.   

    Still waiting on that, but hover technology is potentially coming to a golf course near you, thanks to a Bubba Watson brain child.  We have got to get these around here!  I'd pay a greens fee just to drive that sucker around hole-to-hole and never swing a club:


  • 162-0…come on now!

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    Everybody’s been laughing at me for my “162-0 is still possible” Brewers attitude.  But hey, when my team hasn’t been victorious on opening day since 2008, it’s fun to look at the standings and see 1-0.  And look at this way, we always take it “one game at a time,” so I’m not asking these guys to go 161-0 from this point forward, just 1-0.  Granted I’m asking for 161 1-0 days, but for the moment, we don’t have to think that far out.  Keep your eyes on tonight’s prize, for they ain’t defeated until they are.  Wrap your head around that for a second.

    Day 2 of “great” Brewerrs music comin’ at ya:


  • The Brewers' hot tub time machine

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    Terry Cashman’s 1981 hit “Talkin’ Baseball” is arguably the most recognizable baseball song of all-time.  What many do not know is that, after its release, Cashman recorded versions specific to just about every MLB team. 

    In anticipation of the Crew’s opener this afternoon, here is Milwaukee’s version.  It’ll take you True Blue Brew Crew fans back to some great names:


  • Lost in translation?

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    Entrance music has been an integral part of the in-stadium Major League Baseball experience for a while now.  Once reserved merely for the closer role, now everybody gets a piece of the action.  I always love to learn the “walk-up” tunes selected by the players.  It’s sort of a glimpse into their personalities, and often they seemingly make no sense at all.  For example, in a word association-type deal, think on Craig Counsell.  Okay, you good?  Did Jimi Hendrix’s “All Along the Watchtower” come to mind?  Probably not, but that's what he used.

    Our 2013 Milwaukee Brewers have locked in their final decisions, at least for now, and there is one HUGE head-scratcher for me – Norichika Aoki is goin’ with Flo Rida’s “Right Round.”  So, here’s the deal, Aoki is pretty English-challenged.  The Crew has a translator on staff for his purposes/needs.  Now, it’s a great beat…it’s a solid tune…a fine sample, but…ahh…he knows right?  The real, not-so-hidden meaning(s) behind the song?  Is he on-board, or has it been lost in translation?  Either way, it’s fantastic!  

    HERE is the complete list of the guys and their tracks.

  • "Now?"

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    I delight in any opportunity to stick it to the St. Louis Cardinals.  So, in that vein, caption this 1968 card of Ron Willis:

  • T-Rats bringin' it again

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    New, expanded team store.  New club level.  New menu.  New mascot?

    This is one of my favorite stretches in the calendar, the logging of the final non-baseball days.  The heartbeat picks up steam, a smile begins to curl the corners of the mouth, the gait gets a little more up-tempo - this (for me anyway), is the true kick-off to spring. 

    We are incredibly fortunate in NE Wisconsin to be less than 2 hours away from the bigs at Miller Park and have a minor league team, our minor league team at that, right in our backyard.  Not only the chance to witness the next Milwaukee Brewers “before they were stars,” the Timber Rattlers bring their own unique presentation to what I have always regarded as the world’s finest game.  That presentation has gotten a massive face-lift since the conclusion of the 2012 campaign.

    If you have not ventured past the stadium in recent weeks, you’re gonna be in for a surprise.  From the entrance, it’s virtually unrecognizable.  Congratulations to the entire organization on what looks to be an incredible expansion.  And a big ol’ “job well done” to the fans, as well, who have continued to turn out each season to support a great product.

    Now, what’s the story with the Phillie Phanatic lookin' fella who mysteriously lurks in the background of the 18th installment video?  :)

  • 2014 video games already?

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    So EA Sports is releasing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 today…yeah, TODAY.  We’re not even a full 3 months into 2013 and we’re already releasing the 2014 version of this game?  Seems a little strange to me, like, at what point are we going to have a release that looks 2+ years out – not really 2 years, but like the December before so it looks like 2 years?  You know what I mean?  Anyway, I haven’t bought a video game in a few years, but the trailer for this one just might get me to pull the trigger: